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Rolling Dough
Turkish traditional Dessert Baklava with

Special Dessert and Pastries of the Palaces

For centuries, the unique and delicious baklava recipe served to sultans of the empires in their majestic palaces!

Crispy and buttery phyllo dough layers filled with crushed healthy nuts like walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, and sweetened with a citrus syrup made of cane sugar, water, and lemon juice... Ingredients may vary from region to region as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon can be also added to modify the basic recipe.

We carefully select premium quality authentic Mediterranean products for our inventory and we believe our baklava has the perfect balance of sweet, crisp, and delicious ingredients. We use only non-GMO ingredients.

Crispy, buttery, and savory...

Bakery experts make fresh pastry dough using the best quality ingredients and bake crispy, delicious pastries to serve your table. 

This special imported product will be your addiction after you taste it the first time! Freshly made phyllo dough layers buttered and stuffed with cheese come out of ovens at the FDA-approved production facility.


The perfect balance of crisp and soft layers give this special pastry a unique texture and taste. Healthy & delicious...

Turkish carpet weaver.jpg
Turkish Su Boregi / Tabla borek or burek

Unique &Authentic Hand-knotted, Natural dye Rugs & Handmade Lamps 

These imported handmade products will be a great addition to your home or office decoration. Each one comes with a unique design, meaningful motifs, and bright colors.  Turkish rugs come from the Cappadocia region of Turkey. Local women working in Turkish rug studios create these beautiful rugs by combining colors and symbols used in handmade rugs for centuries. Each symbol tells a story and the finished product becomes a fairytale book written with thousands of knots. 

Stained Glass Lanterns
Amazing and incredible rich flavor! I am obsessed. We received this a few days ago and it's already all gone. This was my first time trying out walnut baklava and it did not disappoint.


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